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Am I Being Cheated On?

Let's face it - fears of cheating affects us all. Most people have at some point either been cheated on or been guilty of cheating themselves. The rest have either suspected that they were being cheated on or been tempted to cheat. Even the strongest relationship can be plagued by infidelity.


If you suspect that you're the victim of cheating, it's easy to feel paranoid or crazy. But remember cheating is not okay and involves dishonesty and betrayal - you deserve better! You have a right to the truth. Just keep asking questions until you're happy with the answer. Here are some tell-tale signs that there may be trouble in paradise.


Distance Doesn't Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Perhaps you've noticed that that your partner seems emotionally distant or checked out. Are they showing little to no interest in fixing the relationship?

Quality Time

Have you noticed that you and your partner are spending very little time together? Have your personal interests veered apart so much that you are like two ships passing in the night?

Sneaky Sneaky

Is your partner hiding secrets from you? Do they get nervous whenever you are borrowing their phone or laptop? Do they never leave that cell phone alone with you?

The Spark is Gone

Is your partner suddenly disinterested in physical intimacy? Once you've ruled out other possible reasons and the flagging libido continues, it may be time to investigate further.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Has your partner suddenly developed an obsessive gym habit? A fancy new haircut? Sexy wardrobe? Chances are they are trying to look good for a special someone, and it may not be you.

Too Nice

Is your partner overcompensating by acting way too sweet? Overwhelming affection may betray ulterior motives.


Does your partner refuse to answer even the simplest questions? Are they acting overly sensitive or defense when you ask where they've been? Perhaps they are hiding something.

Go With Your Gut

Sometimes you just know. Never underestimate your intuition. If you ever suspect that you're being cheated on, confront your partner about it.