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How Popular Am I?

There often comes a time in a person's life where they wonder about their popularity. Do my friends like me? Do they like me more than X person? On the global scale, am I 1% of a Kardashian or 95% of a Kardashian in terms of popularity units. There are even people like Barack Obama who are worth more than 51 Kardashians on a global scale.


Where do you fit in? Esoteric questions like these were much harder to answer prior to the internet age, but now we have all sorts of useful metrics and websites to help determine your online popularity.


Likes & Comments

When you update your status or add a picture, how many people like it? How many people comment on it? When it's your birthday, how many of your friends post happy birthday on your wall? How many messages do you get compared to a friend that you think is popular? These calculations can be insightful in determining where you stand.


When you link to an article is it re-shared? When you send an email how quickly do you get a reply? More important people generally get quicker replies. How much text is sent in the reply - is it more or less than the amount that you initially sent? Popular & important people tend to receive more text back than they sent initially, because your friend will make more of an effort to ingratiate themselves to you than you have to with them.

Pure Numbers

How many friends do you have? How many twitter followers do you have? How do your profiles perform on snapchat, Instagram, pinterest, and youtube? More popular people have higher numbers of followers and interactivity than their peers.

Persuasive Influence

Do people value your opinion? Sometime people might not be popular, but their advice is seen as invaluable. Take for example your best frenemy "Casey". If Casey sees you wearing an outfit, is Casey more likely to a) buy it without telling you, b) hold contempt at you for wearing such a nice outfit, c) frown at you. If Casey is likely to buy it, even without liking you, it is important because Casey still clearly respects your opinion and personal avatar.