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What Can I Do to Prevent Being Unfriended?

Ok so you've been unfriended. Don't worry it happens to everybody. Dust yourself off and follow these rules to make sure it doesn't happen again.


Stay engaged

Friends love friends who make themselves known. Begin by responding to posts on your wall or feed. If a friend writes a birthday wish or a congratulations on your wall, make sure to respond with a thank you! Feel free to throw in some funny emoticons!


Tone it Down

Avoid disrespecting or ridiculing people at all costs. Mean posts or comments spread like wildfire and can easily make their way to unintended audience. Catty people get unfriended first.

Party Time

Try to not post photos that may get your friends into hot water with their boss. Remember that employers (current and potential) are constantly scouring social media so don't put anything up that will potentially damage your friends' reputation. Think twice before posting a pic from last night's drunken rager.

Take the hint

If a friend deletes a post or comment that you have made on their profile or wall, don't repost it. Trust us, it was not accidental.

Face to Face

Don't use social media as a replacement for real life interaction! Friendships should also be tended with phone chats and face-to-face interactions. If you haven't seen or actually talked a friend in over 10 years, reach out! That's what Starbucks is for!

Be interesting

Scroll through your posts/comments and notice if they're filled with dumb memes, provocative political statements, or dull daily check-ins. Be a better friend and consider whether you'd want to read your own posts.

Tag with Caution

Just say no to indiscriminate mass photo tagging. Only tag significant photos that your friends will actually like. Most importantly, make sure the photo is flattering to all those in it! (Not just you)

Don't be a Stalker

Sure everybody does it, but don't let your friends get wind that you've been creeping through their profiles. Stay on the down low.

Find Out Who Unfriended You

Use Unfriendtracker to reveal the people who unfriended you.

Discover Unfriendtracker

Unfriendtracker can help you keep tabs on your friends in all sorts of ways. Be sure to read this article, our knowledge base articles, and the tutoral to track your friends.