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Who Has Been Searching For Me?

91 million searches are made every single day on Google. Almost everyone has searched the name of a friend, family member, or colleague. In fact, there have probably been people searching for you that you never knew existed.


How can you get a handle on this? How can you find out who these people are? There's a number of steps that you can take in order to figure out the people who are spying on you online.


Focus On Type of Relationships

What type of searcher are you interested in learning the identity of? Different types of relationships will search different websites and use different tools. The most common types of searchers that we see are family, friends, co-workers, romantic interests, and randoms. For example, 97% of hiring managers search the name of future employees prior to hiring them. Some hiring managers even get background checks.

Use The Right Site For the Relationship

If you are interested in identifying co-workers searching for you, then check out the tools LinkedIn offers to see specifically who is interacting with your profile. If old family members are searching for you, they will tend to utilize people search websites to find your contact info. You can even look at Google Trends to see graphs of searchers searching a) for your personal name, b) last name, and c) you can even see the locations where the searches occurred.

Focus On Context

Have you recently entered a new community or created a new profile on a social network? People tend to search the histories of people entering their communities to feel safer. For example, if you just created a dating profile with the name "huggyBear4you", then people are going to search that screenname to see if they can find any history with it. If you are about to go out on a date and have told your romantic interest your personal name, you can be 100% sure that they will search it to see what you've been up to prior to meeting.

Gain Control

You can't prevent people from searching for you, but you can control what they see. Manage the privacy settings on your favorite social networks so that nothing escapes to be seen by prying eyes. Anticipate that when applying for a job or entering a new community, searches will be done to discover your reputation. Manage your LinkedIn and relevant social profiles accordingly to stay in control.