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Who Has Viewed My Profile?

People are viewing your profile everyday online. Every time you share something, make a post, or interact, it leaves a digital trail. Your associates and admirers follow this digital trail to your profile.


What are they looking for? Many just aspire to gaze for an infinite second at your glorious countenance, but others are prying for information about your life, status, and friends. Sometimes you don't even know the people who are viewing you.


How do you keep track of who's viewing you? How do you uncover their identity or even discover what they were looking for? There are sites and tools which allow you to reveal the identity of your profile viewers.

Here's a list of types of people who tend to be viewing your profile:


These are the good kinds of profile viewers. They generally just want to check your latest status and new pics.

Romantic Interests

There's no avoiding it - these people just think you are hot stuff. Maybe you like them, maybe you don't, but there's no way to stop them from creeping on your profile like a pile of ants. You could always unfriend them, but generally it is just best to avoid them and deal with it.


These people are trying to climb the corporate ladder to success by stepping on your rung. Sometimes it is a mutual stepping, but sometimes these people are trying to connect to you opportunistically. Either way, LinkedIn allows you to pay extra to reveal the exact identities of these people.

Online Daters

Many online dating sites allow people interested in you to view your profile. Most of those sites allow you to see the exact identities of these profile viewers. This is actually a good way to get to know someone in this context, so be happy when you get profile viewers here.


There's no stopping your family from checking out your profile each day. Concerned members just want to make sure you haven't uploaded any drunk photos, and that you haven't started dating any young lady with a past too dark for you to recover from. They are just trying to keep you in check, and while their interference isn't exactly welcome, it should be treated with a level of respect and appreciation that you have a family that cares so much about you.