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Who Unfriended Me?

It's never fun to search for on old friend on your social network site only to discover that they are nowhere to be found. It would be great to avoid that sinking feeling and be able to see in real time who has removed you from their friends list. Unfortunately, most social network sites will not send you any notification if this type of activity happens on your account. If you have noticed that the number of friends or followers on your social media account has suddenly decreased then you have probably been unfriended.


Being unfriended can be tough to shake off. People in the U.S. spend roughly 25% of their time using various social networks. This means that regular real-life communication is fading away instead being replaced by online interactions which have a unique set of social etiquette standards. Making your way through this new world can be tricky and staying up to date on who was unfriended you is the first place to start.


People unfriend people for all sorts of different reasons, but the most common types of relationships that we see getting unfriended include the following:

Former Classmates

People that you knew years ago sometimes look to clean the clutter out of their friend lists. It is often nothing personal, they are just trying to trim down the audience to which they are still life-streaming.

Former Flames

It's hard to get over a breakup, but often even harder if you constantly see that person every time you login. It doesn't matter what they're doing: going out to eat, having fun, in a picture with someone new. In any of these cases, it is often better to unfriend the person to help get over the relationship.

Work Colleagues

Were some of these people really ever your friends in the first place? Maybe they were just opportunistically reaching out to you in order to further their careers. Sometimes when people switch jobs, they no longer have these needs and so the friendship gets quashed.

Or, have you been recently promoted? Maybe now this person feels unconfortable with you seeing the photos of their wild night out in San Lucas. Just remember here, it's nothing personal: it's just business.

Mutual Acquaintances

Friends of friends sometimes reach out in order to be nice and in expectation of a fuller relationship blossoming. Sometimes circumstances allow it, and sometimes they don't. Often when things are unexpectedly nipped in the bud and that lasting connection never occurs, these people can be unfriended.

How Do I Find Out Who Exactly Unfriended Me?

For all of you Type-As, the old fashioned method of micromanaging your friends list would be to manually download all of your data and then do it again at future date, which would allow you to physically compare the contacts to see who had dropped off the list. If this seems overwhelming, never fear! UnfriendTracker is here to save you all that trouble! We do the work for you so that you are never surprised again! You can rest assured that after updating you will be notified if you are unfriended across a wide array of social networks.