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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Have People Unfriended Me?

Before you devolve into a shame spiral, know that countless social media accounts are unfriended each day. You are not alone! Even Leonardo DiCaprio gets unfriended sometimes. Here's a few of the most popular reasons that people get unfriended:


Hot Button Issues

Have you been using social media to weigh in on contentious political or news topics? Posting a potentially offensive opinion or meme may get you booted! Consider saving these views for the next holiday dinner table. (Just Kidding!)


Cuteness Overload

Although you may feel that posting 50 pictures a day of your newborn or adorable pet is spreading the love, others may get jealous or not share your enthusiasm. Know your audience!

Spamming Away

Have you been using social media to incessantly promote your business? You may be laying it on a bit too thick. Nobody likes to feel that they are a potential sales target rather than a true friend :)

Friend of a Friend

Is this person even relevant to your life anymore? If your friends list is filled with casual acquaintances and people you haven't had personal contact with in years, your posts may just be too unfamiliar or irrelevant to them.


Are you posting tons of status updates that chronicle every detail of your day? Not everyone can be a Kardashian! Consider whether your friends want their walls filled up with these fun facts. If the paparazzi are not camped out in front of your house, then the answer might be no.

Debbie Downer

Are you constantly complaining or posting details or every ache and pain? Nobody likes to be friends with someone who's full of doom and gloom 24/7. Yes it's tough out there, but try to keep updates generally positive and upbeat.

Baller Lifestyle

Are you making big moves? Cruising to the Galapagos over the weekend just to pet a turtle? Some people can't handle that; they just get jealous. Don't let the haters get you down - it's good that they stepped out of your limelight and back into insignificance. Keep living your life eating crab cakes on the strip and rolling around in your Ferrari.